Your Chance to Volunteer at Jeremy Camp’s Concert!

24 October 2023


Jeremy Camp’s team have asked Sonshine to assist in finding volunteers to fill a number of roles at his upcoming concert on Monday 6th November at Riverview Church.

Here’s your chance to experience the concert in a whole new way, and play an important role in bringing an international Christian musician to Perth!

The roles available, and what they involve are listed below. If you’re keen to help please complete the form at the bottom of this page and let us know what you’d be willing to do.

Venue Safety – 4pm to end of show

Roaming throughout the event to ensure guests, team and volunteers are safe. Various stations throughout the event, including but not limited to: entrance of venue, BOH areas (Back of house), merchandise area, inside the venue during the concert ensuring all guests are behaving in an appropriate manner, general venue space. Help redirect & keep people from wandering into unsafe areas (ie around the stage) and to be eyes and ears for any larger issues that might need addressed.

You will be advised of venue specific details on the day including fire exits, and any other venue specific details.

While venue safety volunteers don’t need to be ticketed security personnel, you will need to be comfortable with communicating with relevant parties to ensure a safe environment is maintained.

Merch Sales – 4.30pm to 10.30pm

Set up, selling and breakdown of merchandise area. Duties expected to include: set up merchandise area with any banners or marketing materials, set up tables with merchandise for sale, use POS to take payments, assist guests with enquiries, sizes and purchase needs, pack down at the end of the show. Training will be provided on how to use POS and direction will be given on how set up is to look. Would suit volunteers with retail experience but not required.

Car Park – 4.30pm to 8pm

Where required, assisting with traffic management and flow, helping guests park efficiently and safely.

Bump in –  9am to 1pm

Unloading equipment from vehicles, moving equipment into venue and setting up as instructed, laying out additional seating as required, set up of stage, preparing the venue as instructed, set up of FOH (Front of house) & BOH (Back of house) areas, manual labour as required, ad hoc duties as required.

Please note, often the BUMP IN crew are also the BUMP OUT crew. The show only have limited spaces to offer volunteers to enjoy the show (seating to be confirmed) and having separate crew for bump in and bump out may exceed the space available to view the show. It is also preferred to have the same crew as the team would already have the knowledge of what needs to be done to expedite the break down of the event.

Bump out – 9.30pm to finish (latest midnight)

Pretty much all of the above in reverse. The venue needs to be handed back at the end of the evening as we found it, so all hands will be required on deck to make that happen as quickly as possible.

Role Selection(Required)
Please select all roles you would be willing to take on. There are limited places for each role, so these will be allocated on a first come basis.