What’s Trending: A doctor has revealed the terrifying reason you shouldn’t eat in bed

13 June 2023


Bec and Jeziel shared some of the latest trending topics.

A doctor has revealed the terrifying reason you shouldn’t eat in bed.

Dr Samuel explained that eating in bed makes you the perfect candidate for a cockroach infestation. He explained that roaches are attracted to the smell of earwax, and would love nothing more than to live in a warm, moist environment like the ear canal. The only other thing they need is food. And if you eat in bed then the scraps are enough. He told the story of a 24-year-old man from China who had a family of ten roaches living in his ear! The young man had a habit of leaving unfinished food packets by his bed. One night he woke up with a sharp pain in his ear. When his family took a look they were horrified to find a cockroach peeking out at them. “It was causing a lot of discomfort because it was crawling and scratching inside,” he said.

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A group of dads turned an old phone box into a little library.

Robert Wilson, father of two, reached out to Telstra to request a disused telephone box in the hope the Currambine dad group he’s part of could turn it into a library. He said it was a pretty well-known fact that dads don’t spend enough time with their kids. “One fantastic thing that people can do, particularly at bedtime is to spend time with your child reading. It’s good for the development of a child and it’s good for the father and child interaction.” So for the last 12 months, the fathering group worked on restoring the shabby telephone box and bringing it to new life. “So the idea is that when parents go onto the school property, they go into this library which contains 100s of the best books as voted by the school community, pick it and read to their kids at bedtime.”

The vintage Telstra phone box was used in the Channel 7 series The Claremont Murders.