The weirdest items people have left in hotel rooms

24 July 2023


Travelodge regularly reveals the strangest items guests have left behind in their rooms – and they include some incredibly unusual items.

Each year our lost and found inventory report provides plenty of revelations. From deeds to a £2million house, a set of 24-carat gold Indian Gods and a Vertu mobile phone, right through to a pet tarantula and even exclusive yoghurt flavours which have not even been launched to the public, it’s evident what a cross-section of people stay in our hotels.” Said Travelodge spokesperson Shakila Ahmed.

Some of the strangest items left behind in hotel rooms include:

  • A premarital agreement
  • A pet tarantula
  • A wooden foot
  • A life-size cardboard cut-out of Joey Essex
  • A suitcase full of Prince George memorabilia
  • A five-foot unicorn made from flowers
  • A Persian Chinchilla cat
  • A 65-year-old Bonsai tree
  • A gingerbread village with all of its residents
  • An urn with father’s ashes

But the most commonly forgotten item is mobile phone chargers with the actual phones coming in second. Books, teddy bears and toiletry bags made up the top five items left behind in Travelodge rooms.

What have you left behind in a hotel room? Listen to Bec and Jeziel’s full conversation below!