The story of how Jeziel and his wife named their son

20 June 2022


Malachi means “Messenger of God” – but that’s not the name Jeziel and his wife had originally chosen for their son. So how did they settle on that name? It’s a long, round-about story ending with God, speaking clear as day to Jeziel.

Jeziel and his wife Kim cuddle their son, Malachi.

Every day we hear stories of how God has spoken to people through 98five. It could have been a Lifeword, a conversation, or like in Jeziel’s case, song lyrics. This is why it was even more special for Jeziel to hear Malachi’s name confirmation through 98five. Usually, he is the one being told the story of someone else receiving a word, but in this case, he was the one sitting in the car, tuned into 98five, hearing God’s voice.

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