Today is 98five’s Random Acts of Coffee — a day that hopes to spread and multiply generosity throughout our great city. 

You might be enjoying a takeaway coffee right now, bought for you by one of our listeners as part of our Random Acts of Coffee campaign.

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It’s this kind of generous and inspirational culture that make our listeners a special group. We’ve become a supportive, like-minded community, which is why we say, ‘We’re family‘.  We’ll admit, there’s not a dining table in WA we would all fit around. But what we mean by saying we’re family is that in among the great music and discussions, there is a message of hope and unity.

As a non-profit Christian-based radio station, we rely on our loyal listeners’ donations to continue our work. So we really are in this together.

We’re also a family-friendly station. That doesn’t mean we are in a G-rated Disney bubble: we are very much planted in real life. But if you are listening with the kids in the car, you won’t hear offensive language. And while we enjoy a good laugh, we don’t think it’s funny to mock people or hurt their feelings. That’s why many businesses choose 98five to play in their workplace, without being worried what their customers will hear.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you stick around.


Bevan Jones

P.S. If you’re a regular listener, you might want to catch up on shows you’ve missed, read the latest from our bloggers, find a community event near you or search for a business in our online directory.

Head to one of our Random Acts of Coffee partner cafes and continue the momentum of gifting someone else a free coffee. It could be the act that makes their day.

There are cafes both north and south of Perth’s Swan River.

Friday 15 September, don’t forget to #saycheers as part of #RandomActsofCoffee