Shannon shares her authentic and relatable parenting stories

30 June 2022


Shannon joined Kirste and Dan for the first day of June Appeal and was back for the last day to give the family some more hope!

When her son was little he had beautiful fluffy hair, but as he ‘descended into the abyss of teen’ it became greasy and dirty. “It went from cute fluffy duck and turned into like a greasy fried duck.” Shannon begged him to wash his hair and felt very seen and heard when he finally listened. “My little fluffy duck was back!

Every week Shannon shares stories like this about her latest adventures in parenting. People love to hear her authentic and relatable stories. As a long-time listener herself, Shannon feels our point of difference is that we are family-oriented. “The humour and interactions on other platforms aren’t drawing us near. They are kind of pushing us out and making us feel isolated. I have enough going on in my own head that makes me feel like that and I don’t need my entertainment source to do that to me either.”

A key difference of 98five is that we take being family seriously. It isn’t just us playing songs and speaking into a microphone, we interact with each other as family does. This June we invite you to partner with 98five to share hope for all to see and hear! 

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Listen to Shannon’s full chat below!