NEWSLI: Woman stuck in toilet after climbing down to retrieve apple watch

26 September 2023


Kirste and Dan served up your daily dish of news!

Kirste’s story: A woman was rescued from an outhouse toilet after she climbed in to retrieve her Apple Watch.

(Image: Michigan State Police)

The woman lowered herself inside the toilet after dropping the watch. First responders were called when the woman was heard yelling for help. The toilet was removed and a strap was used to haul her out.

“If you lose an item in an outhouse toilet, do not attempt to venture inside the containment area. Serious injury may occur,” police said.

Dan’s story: A dog broke the world record for removing socks from 21 feet!

A Canadian dog’s unusual skill earned him a Guinness World Record when he removed socks from 21 feet in one minute.

Daiquiri and his owner Jennifer Fraser, travelled to Italy to attempt the record on the TV series Lo Show Dei Record. Daquiri broke the record set by a Californian dog named Lilu on his second try.

Fraser and Daquiri already hold numerous Guinness World Records titles, including the most tricks performed by a dog in one minute, and the most clothes retrieved from a washing line by a dog in one minute.