NEWSLI: A West Aussie teen solved a Rubik’s cube while skydiving!

27 October 2023


Kirste and Dan served up your daily dish of news!

Dan’s story: World’s largest grilled cheese sandwich

A pair of  brothers, from Wisconsin, made a massive cheese toastie measuring 10.9 feet long and 6.25 feet wide.  led their friends and family in the creation of a massive grilled cheese sandwich measuring 10.9 feet long and 6.25 feet wide. The ten and eleven year old, stars of The Exodus and Iggy Show on YouTube, used a custom-welded pan, more than 300 pounds of dough and 60 pounds of cheese to create the 2.75-inch-thick sandwich. They broke the Guinness World Record for largest grilled cheese sandwich to raise money for local food banks.

@apfskydive A new Guinness World Record has been set in Western Australia at @Skydive Jurien Bay by @Sam Sieracki for the fastest Rubik’s cube solved during freefall. Sam solved it in 28.25 seconds after jumping out of an aeroplane at 14,000 feet 🪂 Congratulations Sam on your amazing achievement! 🏆 🎥 by Heath Baird & Benjamin de la Carrera #skydivingaustralia #worldrecord #guinnessworldrecord #skydiving #freefall #puzzle #rubikscube ♬ original sound – AUS Parachute Federation

Kirste’s Story: A teenager broke the world record for the fastest time solving a Rubik’s cube in freefall

Sam Sieracki solved a Rubik’s Cube in just 28.25 seconds after jumping out of an aeroplane at 14,000 feet! It took the seventeen-year-old five attempts to beat the previous record of 30.14 seconds, held by Nitin Subramanian of the United States. “It’s really intense. It’s very loud, because you’ve got all the wind in your face,” Sam said. “So it’s a lot harder to concentrate than if I’m just on the ground solving it…My record on the ground is a lot faster than in air – it’s about 6.5 seconds.”

Listen to their full chat below!