NEWSLI: A rattlesnake took a swim in a person’s pool

9 June 2023


Kirste and Dan served up your daily dish of news.

Rattlesnakes can swim!

A snake wrangler was called to capture a rattlesnake in a resident’s back yard. Marissa Maki of Rattlesnake Solutions said the western diamondback rattlesnake was taking a drink from the home’s backyard swimming pool when she arrived. She decided to let the snake swim for a while and tire itself out. “I’ve seen videos of rattlesnakes swimming and just find it funny, so when it flipped in the pool, I was pretty excited to witness it first-hand.” She captured the snake with a pair of tongs when it attempted to climb out of the water.

Escape From the Chateau couple Dick and Angel Strawbridge to wind up castle firm after their series was dropped

Dick and Angel Strawbridge, whose Escape To The Chateau series was dropped after reports of clashes, have applied to wind up their castle company. The application was signed on May 9 by directors Dick and Angel. The first notice was given on May 23, and the company will be dissolved within two months of that date. All events at the chateau such as ‘garden days’ and ‘tours under the stars’ are marked as unavailable.