New research shows Aussies are failing in basic oral hygiene

2 August 2023


New data reveals three quarters (75%) of Aussies rarely or never floss while one in five (20%) only brush their teeth once a day.

Failing to floss and brush for the recommended amount is putting those Aussies on a fast track to poor oral health which if left untreated, can contribute to the development of serious health problems.

Studies show that poor dental hygiene can lead to more serious health issues such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and pre-eclampsia. But new data illustrates two thirds (65%) of Australians aren’t aware of this vital link between oral health and its effect on the rest of the body.

As to why Aussies aren’t following the recommended guidelines, the research found 40% of people who only brush once a day say they don’t need or want to brush more often and 29% say brushing causes pain. It’s not all bad news however, with 53% of us brushing the recommended twice a day and the majority (92%) using fluoride toothpaste.

Listen to Dr Janani Ravichandran and Leah‘s full discussion about oral hygiene below.