10 Mother’s Day Gifts you can make at home!

4 May 2020


98five and St Stephen’s School love mum’s so much that we wanted to make sure this Mother’s Day you have plenty of ways to ways to spoil your mum from home. To help you do that, we have some wonderful resources and ideas. Get cooking or make some gifts and cards… everything you need to make mum something special at home is below!

Bath Bombs

Add a little fizz to Mum’s life with these homemade bath bombs this Mother’s Day.


Breakfast Pikelets

Treat mum to breakfast! Make her feel special with these fluffy pikelets and her favourite
toppings. Don’t forget her favourite cup of tea or coffee too. (Ask Dad for help with this!)

Bottlecap Magnets

A great Mother’s Day gift to make at home, these Bottle Cap Magnets are
easy to make and great for adding character to your fridge!

Crafty Pot Plant

Get into the gardening groove with a crafty pot plant. Decorate a pot and plant mum’s favourite flowers or herbs.

Decorated Mug

Get creative with a mug and create a special gift she can use every day.

Mother’s Day Lanterns


Paper Lilies

A great gift for the little ones to create at home, these Handprint Paper Lilies are simple to make and will mean so much to Mum.

Sweet Sachet

Create a sweet-smelling sachet for Mum to keep in her drawers with items from around the home and garden.

Teacup Cards

A great Mother’s Day gift to make at home, these unique Mother’s Day Teacup Cards are easy to make and great for making a card be more than just a card!


Give Mum the break she deserves with this handy pack of personalised vouchers.


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