Kavitha Emmanuel: Women of Worth Founder, Dark is Beautiful Campaigner

14 March 2023


The story of Kavitha Emmanuel starts in her childhood home. Kavitha’s family raised her to believe that all human beings are equal. While she saw that being practiced in her home, as soon as she stepped outside she saw a gravely stark reality. In her young mind, she kept asking “Why is this so?”. “If we are all equal and God made me in His image, why am I seeing this?”. From a very young age, Kavitha saw open displays of violence against women. She saw women being beaten and dragged down public streets. At this time in India there were no laws against such things. It was believed that it was a man’s right to do whatever he saw fit to “his” woman.

Never did Kavitha think that God would lead her down a path to become a voice for injustice on a global stage.

As she grew up, Kavitha realised that the world didn’t see her the same way she saw herself. That’s when she decided to find out how God truly saw her. She began studying the bible in reference to gender, classism, and equality. After joining a church-planting initiative and marrying her husband, Kavitha decided it was time to respond to the needs of women in her society, and that’s how the Women of Worth Movement was born.

Listen below as Leah and Kavitha Emmanuel discuss the Women of Worth Movement and the Dark is Beautiful campaign, embracing equity and confronting biases.