Jeremy Camp is bringing his ‘I Still Believe Tour’ to Australia

14 September 2023


Jeremy Camp has released twelve albums over the past 20 years. His music has earned him numerous awards and nominations across the Christian and secular music industries.

In 2020 Jeremy had an international theatrical movie release called “I Still Believe” which hit #1 at the box office opening weekend. The film depicted his life story of love and the loss of his first wife after a battle with cancer. Camp has always written songs about his experiences and continues to write from the deep places of his heart. Now Jeremy Camp is bringing his I Still Believe Tour to Australia and New Zealand, including Perth.

Jeremy said faith has played a massive role in his life and kickstarted his career. “If I didn’t have my relationship with Jesus, I wouldn’t be where I am today. The songs I write are the songs of comfort that He’s given me. I didn’t write the songs to go, man, I can’t wait one day to have a song on the radio. I needed healing in my own heart from the hardships that I’ve gone through. I’m super thankful that God is giving those songs continuously.”

Through his music, Jeremy touches on personal experiences and challenges he has faced throughout his life. “My first album was pretty much imparted to watching the love of my life go through the battle of cancer, lose the battle of cancer and go be with the Lord… There is a song in the new album called Anxious Heart. That song in particular came from my own anxieties.”

Book your tickets to his upcoming Perth concert here. Listen to Jeremy Camp’s full chat with Kirste and Dan below.