How you could save a $1000 worth of fuel in one year

27 July 2023


Filling up a tank of fuel on Tuesdays instead of Wednesday could save you nearly $1000 over the course of the year.

Fuel companies switched from a weekly fuel cycle to fortnightly in 2021, but now all major retailers are back to the weekly cycle.

FuelWatch Manager Ben Derecki said while major retailers – including 7-Eleven, Ampol, Caltex/Puma, Coles Express, EG Ampol, BP, United and Vibe set their prices in line with Perth’s weekly cycle, some retail outlets did not run on the cycle.

“There are some retailers with a smaller number of outlets (Atlas, Costco, Liberty and Petro Fuels) as well as single retail outlets which generally don’t follow the price cycle.”