How to celebrate Halloween as a Christian

30 October 2023


Halloween has become a widely celebrated holiday around the world. But as Christians, how can we celebrate a holiday that is often associated with darkness and fear?

Brett Ryan, from Focus on the Family, suggested that rather than focusing on the scarier aspects, you can use the day as an opportunity for creativity and community bonding. “We want to not be opinionated and judgmental of others. We also want to bring the good in this out such as community and celebration of neighbourhood… But we also don’t want to just dwell upon the negative aspects.

The day could also serve as a chance to spread the light. Instead of turning off the lights and closing the door, Halloween can be an opportunity to engage with your community and neighbours. For example, you could hand out candy with an uplifting message. “I know some people who hand out little information cards about who Jesus is… Be generous to others and also be able to say we love you, we care for you. But there is someone that we care for even more, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.”

How do you celebrate Halloween? Listen to Brett’s full chat with Kirste and Dan below!