Hitched: The importance of greeting one another

9 August 2023


Pastor Phil Ayres from Kingdomcity, joins Bec and Jeziel every fortnight to help couples build strong marriages. This week he talked about the importance of greeting one another.

Pastor Phil shared the story of a wife who recognised that her marriage was struggling and decided to give her husband a hug and kiss every day when he got home from work. He said it completely changed the way he thought about their marriage and he felt acknowledged and valued. “I started thinking about that in a bigger picture of the power of greeting…And we think greeting is no big deal. But actually, it’s a really powerful part of building community.”

Be devoted to each other with mutual affection. Excel at showing RESPECT for each other. – Romans 12: 10 

In John Powell’s book: ‘The Five Levels of Communication’, the first level is greeting and acknowledgement. Which is an entry point to the higher levels of communication and intimacy. “So Husband and wife, if you get home and you see your spouse, go inside the house then give them a big hug and big kiss.”

Listen to Pastor Phil’s full message below.