Furious bride slams wedding guests for ‘not covering the cost of their plate’ with gifts

4 August 2023


A bride was furious after realising her wedding guests weren’t generous enough with their gifts. Claiming they didn’t even cover the price of their plate which cost $200 a head. She assumed all attendees could have afforded the eye water price because they all lived in an ‘expensive area’. She vented her frustrations in a now-deleted Facebook post, questioning if she should say something or keep it to herself.

‘I had my wedding recently and I would say 70 per cent of people didn’t even come close to covering their plate. The price for each person was around $200 and I received $33 a person for a few adults, $60 a person for a family, $80 a person for another family and on average $100 a person. Do I just cut my losses, keep it in the back of my head or say something?”

While some people said they try to cover the cost of their plate, many people called her ‘ungrateful’ and ‘entitled’. One person wrote: “Seems pretty pretentious to me. If you’re throwing the party it should come out of your pocket with no further strong expectations.” Another said: “As a lower-middle-class person I find this mindset very unfamiliar, but it kind of sounds like this is a rich person doing rich-person things with other rich people.”

How much money do you generally spend on a wedding gift? Listen to Bec and Jeziel’s full conversation below.