FRESH Devotion: What’s the point?

13 January 2023


There seems to be three different phases in life. Things can be going brilliantly well, or just – you know – chugging along fine. Or for one reason or another, life can be something of a disaster.

Wherever you’re at – even in the good times, certainly in the mundane times and especially in the tough times – a sense of purposelessness can creep in. What’s the point of it all? What’s the purpose of my life? What difference am I really making?

And the absence of a clear answer to those questions can drive you to desperation, even if everything else in your life is going along pretty smoothly. King David of Israel went through each of those phases at various times in his life. And reflecting on some really tough times, he prays this to God:

Psalm 138:7,8

If I walk into the thick of danger, You will preserve my life from the anger of my enemies. You will extend Your hand; Your right hand will save me. The LORD will fulfil His purpose for me. LORD, Your love is eternal; do not abandon the work of Your hands. (HCSB)

It seems that experience had taught him to trust in God amidst those scary times. He knew that God would reach out and save him. But here’s the kicker … even though God’s purpose wasn’t always clear to him, he knew that the Lord would fulfil His purposes for his life. Everything has a purpose – every plant, animal, and especially person has a purpose; a purpose given to them before creation. Even when it’s not entirely clear to you, remember this: God created you with a purpose in mind and He will fulfil His purpose for you. That’s His Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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