Faithful Fridays: An angel helped Pastor Rajan

31 July 2023


Pastor Rajan, from Good Success Church, joined Jeziel to share his story for Faithful Fridays.

He was on a flight to Panama when he felt the Lord tell him to get up and move seats. “The Lord kept saying to me, why don’t you get up and go and sit on the other seat? And there was a man seated next to the window.” So he sat next to the man and started having a conversation with him. “He began to tell me about Panama, the population, the currency, the temperature…”

When he landed, the people who were supposed to pick him up didn’t come. So he tried asking for directions but no one spoke English. “All I could do was pray. Because I was in a jam.” Then he looked up and saw the same man he talked to on the plane. Pastor Rajan explained his situation and the man kindly drove him to the hotel and even gave him a tour around the city.

A few days later, Pastor Rajan wanted to call the man to repay him for his kindness but the number wouldn’t go through. “I went to the receptionist and said, can you please go through your operator and find this number for me? So she comes after about half a day and says this number doesn’t exist.”

That day, the Lord sent me an angel to take me to Panama City and see all around Panama City and take care of me. I gave my email as well and I have not received an email from him. So I truly believe with all my heart that God sent an angel to help me through in my time of need.”

Listen to the full story below.