Snowy and the Seven Cool Dudes

Event date: 13 May 2023
Event time: 11am

Snowy and the Seven Cool Dudes is an is an interactive and fun performance for children and families.
Snowy is becoming more beautiful every day and The Wicked Queen is not happy! She has decided to send Snowy away, to get rid of her once and for all. The Magic Mirror has warned he Queen that this is a huge mistake – Snowy is beautiful on the inside and the outside and everyone loves her. But the Queen isn’t listening and orders the Hunter to take Snowy into
the forest and leave her there … forever! Meanwhile, the Cool Dudes have decided it’s time they started making healthier food choices and doing some exercise.
During this interactive production, kids will enjoy the opportunity of role-play as they are invited on stage to become a variety of characters- including The Cool Dudes -who love to rap!
A timely piece of live theatre about making better food choices, while keeping kids fit and healthy.

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Koorliny Arts Centre
10 Hutchins Way KWINANA 6167

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Koorliny Arts Centre
[email protected]
9467 7118