Fresh Talk

Event date: 17 October 2015
Event time: 3-5pm

Cancer has a huge impact, none more so than when a wife/mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. She undergoes a massive adjustment in dealing with the medical issues and also the fear so often associated with cancer. Her partner and her children have their own fears to deal with.

Fresh Talk is presenting another topical issue for the community during October’s Cancer Awareness Month. Professor Arlene Chan is a well-known Medical Oncologist in Perth, and she is the guest panelist who will be speaking on the topic of ‘Loosening the grip of cancer.’ You will also hear the personal story of a cancer survivor.

This free interactive event is not just for women, but also for partners and family members and includes afternoon tea.

Cost (if applicable):

Palms Community Centre
430 Rokeby Road Subiaco

Contact details:
Dr Ian Simms
[email protected]
0449 594 344