Embrace the doggy drool: Here’s why dogs love to lick us

6 October 2023


Hey there, fellow dog lovers! It’s Bec and Asa here, and today we’re diving into a topic that’s as sweet as it is slobbery – why our furry friends can’t resist giving us those wet, sloppy kisses.

Some of us cringe at the thought of our dogs showering us with slobbery affection. “It’s disgusting! GROSS,” you might say. And who can blame you? All those germs, right? But, hold your “ewws” for a moment. There’s actually a very heartwarming reason behind all that doggy drool.

Embrace the doggy drool: Here's why dogs love to lick us

A soothing affection

Enter Utah Doodles, an animal lover with some serious doggy wisdom to share. She explains that while some folks might get annoyed when their furry companion decides to use their face as a personal washcloth, there’s a method to the madness. It turns out, when a dog licks you, it releases hormones that soothe and relax them.

Furthermore, it helps them feel secure and deepens the bond between you two. In essence, it’s their natural way of saying, “Thank you for being awesome!” So, next time your dog gets all slobbery on you, just think of it as their way of giving you a big, wet hug.

Once Bec explained the science, Asa understood it like this: When a dog licks you, it’s like a canine-produced serotonin boost – that lovely chemical in our brains that makes us feel happy and relaxed. So, in a way, it’s the doggy equivalent of giving someone a warm, fuzzy hug. Who doesn’t love a good hug, right?

According to the Kennel Club, licking is entirely natural for dogs. It’s a way for them to groom themselves, bond with their human, and express their emotions. Dogs might lick you to show their love, grab your attention, or even to soothe themselves when they’re stressed. It’s their version of empathy, and sometimes, they do it because, well, you taste good to them!

Embrace the doggy drool: Here's why dogs love to lick us

Should humans lick their friends?

Surprisingly, if you think about it, many of these reasons can be applied to human interactions, too. Of course, Asa warned, you might get some strange looks if you decide to lick your friends or family as a sign of affection, but you get the idea.

Plus, here’s a fun tidbit for you: Humans actually have fewer germs in their mouths than dogs do, so technically, it’s less gross to be liked by a person. Who would’ve thought?

So there you have it, folks. The next time your pup decides to smother you in kisses, remember it’s their way of saying, “I love you, and I’m so grateful for you!” Embrace the slobbery affection – it’s the ultimate canine compliment.

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