Custard in tea, is it a ‘sin’ or ‘pure genius’?

1 November 2023


Everyone’s got their own way of enjoying a good cup of tea, right? Some go super milky, others prefer a strong builder’s brew. It’s all about personal taste.

But hold onto your mugs, because one guy’s tea trick has caused a bit of a ruckus. On Tiktok, @lemtiktok7 claimed that throwing custard into your cuppa is the ultimate move. Yup, you heard it – custard in your tea.

@lemtiktok7 Custard in a cuppa trust me dont knock it till you try it #fyp #foodie ♬ Cream – Lem

In his video, Lem confidently pours that custardy goodness straight into his cup He didn’t hold back, mixing in a hefty amount. And just when you thought that was enough, he goes in for round two with more custard. The comments section went wild. People were quick to throw some shade at this custard concoction.

Egg-based desert in boiling hot water what could go wrong?” One person joked.

Not the curdled custard cuppa and knock-off dodgers“, another mentioned. To which Lem just laughed it off with an “Aldi special!

When asked how he stumbled upon this unusual combo, Lem spilled the tea. “Had no milk left one time, and my initiative kicked in.” Someone claimed he “should be locked up” for this tea crime, labelling it a “sin” compared to just sipping it black.

The tea drama is real! Custard in tea – love it or leave it! Listen to Kirste and Dan‘s full chat below!