Cops Arrest US Man trapped in a Port-a-loo

21 November 2023


A guy in the US is probably kicking himself for choosing the worst hiding spot ever during a crazy police chase in Wisconsin.

The cops located a stolen car around 11:40 am on Friday, and things escalated from there. The alleged offenders started driving like maniacs and the cops tried to stop the madness with spike strips, but no luck.

The driver pulled a risky move, driving into oncoming traffic and causing a smash-up with two other vehicles.

The four folks in the stolen ride decided to bail, sprinting away from the scene. But one of them ended up in a tight spot, literally. A quick-thinking golfer, Adam Westermayer, saw the whole thing unfold and decided to play superhero.

“When we realized they were being chased and that kid was in the porta-potty, we tried to tell the police officer,” Adam said. “He went off to chase the other one, and I just made a rash decision to go push the porta-potty down.”

Spoiler alert: it didn’t end well for this not-so-clever offender!

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