Each Christian denomination that indicates support for the Association shall be invited to nominate a single representative (such a person being supportive of the aims of the Association and also a Member of the Association) to be a member of the ‘Churches Advisory Committee’ (CAC), and the persons from time to time so appointed shall constitute such committee.

At their first meeting following the Annual General Meeting of the Association, the committee shall elect a chairperson who shall hold office for the ensuing twelve months, and shall represent the Churches Advisory Committee at meetings of the Board of Management with no vote, but, with the right to speak on matters pertaining to the Churches Advisory Committee, with the right to be present at most business and to ask questions on behalf of the Churches Advisory Committee, but, with the Board of Management also having the opportunity to discuss matters without the Churches Advisory Committee representative being present.

The chair shall be rotated through the members of the Churches Advisory Committee where possible. The Churches Advisory Committee will meet at least every three months or from time to time as they decide, and a copy of the minutes of each meeting shall be forwarded to the chairperson of the Board of Management. Secretarial help will be provided by the Association.

The functions of the Churches Advisory Committee are to advise the Association:

  • of any ‘feedback’ received from the Church as a whole in regard to programming or other matters by forwarding same together with their recommendation for action;
  • of ways to actively encourage bonding between churches and the Association;
  • of ways to encourage local church financial support for the Association;
  • of the availability of opportunities of church liaison and deputation by the Association;
  • by providing information to the Association of any available relevant expertise within the churches that would be of value to the Association;
  • by informing the Association of the availability of suitable interviewees either in or visiting the listening area;
  • regarding assisting local country Christian groups seeking to obtain a community broadcasting licence

The Committee will also support the Association by prayer, encourage the local church assemblies to do so, and generally liaise with the Christian community to ensure as far as possible that the needs of the public at large are brought to the attention of the Association.