Celebrating Neighbour Day with Free Coffee

28 March 2023


Last Sunday 26th March was Relationships Australia’s Neighbour Day. The organisation’s National Executive Officer Nick Tebbey said the aim was to encourage all of us to connect with our neighbours and develop a real sense of community. “Research shows us that when people connect with their communities, they have a greater sense of belonging, which leads to improved mental well-being and a reduction in loneliness. It also contributes to strength and resilience in the face of external pressures.”

To celebrate Neighbour Day Sonshine’s Kirste and Dan decided to give our listeners an opportunity to win a Free Coffee Friday for their street. Our winner was Dianne Waters, from Saint Marks Drive in Hillarys. Sonshine’s Marketing Manager, Sam Vigus, headed to Hillarys last Friday morning to set-up the day and says Dianne was the most amazing host! “She really knew her neighbours and made sure they were all able to be involved in the morning. No one was going to miss out on free coffee with Dianne around! We also had the teachers from the local school, St Mark’s, get involved and it was lovely to have them come across to say hi!”

Neighbour Day on Saint Marks Drive

Dianne says the day certainly had a great impact on her community! “Thank you so much for the best free coffee Friday. I have received a card from one of my neighbours saying thanks for a wonderful morning. You guys did an amazing job and Jeanette, The Coffee Lady, made beautiful coffee. Lives have been impacted by your kindness and generosity.”

Dan says, even from the comfort of the studio, he and Kirste could feel the great vibe that Dianne created with her amazing neighbourly spirit. “She was clearly very excited to get her neighbours together and make it a fun morning. Her excitement was contagious and we’re so happy that her Saint Marks Drive friends enjoyed the day. You never know, maybe Free Coffee Friday for your street will become a regular brekky thing!”