Alex Silvagni from ‘The Summit’ shares his experience on the show

15 May 2023


The Summit is Channel Nine’s newest reality show where a group of contestants have to reach the top of a mountain, undertaking various tasks along the way. Each contestant has a backpack with a portion of the grand prize of $1,000,000. Contestants must work together to reach the top within fourteen days so they can split the money.

Contestant, Alex Silvagni joined Kirste and Dan to tell us about his experience on the show. He admitted that he didn’t really know what he was getting himself into. “The twist and turns along the way were unbelievable, the scenery was unbelievable but it was definitely an exciting adventure.” His wife encouraged him to apply and he thought it was a great idea. “I was like yeah great idea but then you are crossing this bridge over a ravine and you are like probably not a great idea.”

As a former football player, the physical challenge was easy for him to get used to, but he struggled with the social aspect. “I felt like I was caught up in my own web of lies I didn’t know what was going on at one point. It was all over the place.” As well as worrying that he would drop the money. “Crossing over certain areas there were a lot of times where I was really concerned.”

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