Adventure World asks patrons for some modesty

11 October 2019


The “cheeky” and “barely there” bikini has gained colossal popularity thanks to social media and Instagram influencers, but our local water park is taking a stand for modesty.

Yesterday, Adventure World posted the below appropriate bather bottoms guide. AW asked their guests to please choose appropriate swimwear when visiting; as the venue is a family-friendly park.


The image, which Adventure World assured us was not posted to “oppress women” as some commenters remarked, has caused quite the social media storm.

Many mum’s were quick to applaude the park. One user wrote, “It’s a family park so thank you for a dress code that respects all cultures and ages etc.

Another woman said, “Thank you ??? something needed to be said! Last time we were at the park I found it pretty uncomfortable seeing young girls in nothing much more than a g string.

Thank you AW!!!!” commented another mum, “When my children are lining up for the slides their little faces are right at Butt cheek height. So awkward.

But there were many other women fiercely reputing the request, arguing they should be able to wear what they choose. Other users who seemingly had no opinion either way, challenged the idea of enforcing this policy.

As a parent, would this make you more comfortable in taking your kids to the waterpark? Should Adventure World follow through with policing this new dress code? How do you talk to your kids modesty and other people’s clothing?

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