A Veteran’s journey of healing and Hope with Sonshine

2 November 2023


“I moved back home 5 years ago after a very traumatic time in the Army.

I was dishonourably discharged at the time and was also injured. I had been in and out of the hospital, my husband and kids had to readjust. I was looking for God wherever I could find him as it was such a terrible time in my life. Then God started speaking to me through the worship songs and life words on Sonshine. They helped me out of my suicidal thoughts and even got me back to my church family. And let’s just say the rest is history because I’m not that same person anymore!

God is with me everywhere! In the car, in the shower, in my home, on my short walks with my dogs… I blast Sonshine whenever I can! Thank you and much love.” – Tegan

The right song, the right voice, the right word can bring hope to a moment.

Sonshine is a not-for-profit, listener-supported, community media organisation.

Our community broadcasting license requires us to show strong community support and that means over 50% of our funding comes from our listeners and supporters.

Each year Sonshine runs two on-air appeals, our June Appeal, and our Radiothon in November. These appeals keep us broadcasting hope on air and online every moment of every day.

The money raised over Radiothon does way more than take care of our operating expenses. While the money is needed to pay our ongoing costs such as electricity, music licensing, and equipment purchases and to fund the Sonshine team, it’s really about ensuring that we bring hope to every moment.

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