2 ways that you can support Sonshine’s Radiothon without donating financially

12 October 2023


At Sonshine, we have been dedicated to providing a positive, family-focused radio alternative in Perth and beyond for over 35 years. As a listener-supported organisation, we rely on the ongoing generosity of our supporters to continue our valuable work. All donations to Radiothon go towards funding essential operational expenses to maintain our broadcast. This includes annual music royalties, transmitter costs, everyday bills like electricity, and studio equipment. In addition, this year’s donations will address two unexpected needs, read more about that here.

While financial donations play a crucial role in sustaining Sonshine, we know that times are tough, and you can support our fundraising appeal in two powerful ways that don’t involve donating money directly.


2 ways that you can support Sonshine's Radiothon without donating financiallyThe Power of Prayer:

Prayer is a fundamental way to support Sonshine’s fundraising appeal. By lifting Sonshine, our team, and our mission in prayer, you can contribute to our spiritual strength and resilience. Prayer brings comfort, encouragement, and guidance during these demanding weeks. Here’s how you can pray for Sonshine:

  • Protection and guidance: Pray for God’s protection over the ministry and its staff, so that we may be shielded from obstacles, negativity, and discouragement. Ask for guidance and wisdom in decision-making processes.
  • Impactful outreach: Pray for Sonshine’s messages to reach hearts and minds, bringing hope, joy, and positive transformation to our listeners. Ask that lives may be touched and inspired by the content seen and heard over June Appeal.
  • Financial provision: Pray for God’s provision and abundance to flow. Ask for open doors, partnerships, and opportunities that will enable the ministry to thrive and continue impacting lives.

2 ways that you can support Sonshine's Radiothon without donating financially

Share the Message:

In the digital age, the power of sharing information through social media and word of mouth cannot be overstated. By spreading Sonshine’s message, you can help expand its reach and engage a wider audience. Here are some effective ways to share Sonshine’s appeal:

  • Social media: Interact with us on Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram! When you see our content pop up in your feed you can help us by liking, commenting on, and sharing our posts to increase visibility.
  • Word of mouth: Talk to your family, friends, colleagues, and church community about Sonshine’s work. Share your personal experiences and the positive impact the station has had on your life. Encourage them to tune in, follow Sonshine on social media, and spread the word within their own networks.

We are so grateful for the Sonshine Family, and every contribution made over the last 35 years to empower the mission of Sonshine. So join us for Radiothon and together, let’s bring hope to every monent.